My training for the New York Marathon has now gone through 6 out of 17 weeks, a little over 1/3 of the way there. So far, I’ve had to run a total of 104 miles in the ‘running’ part of the training, which is usually 3 shorter runs in the space of 3 days and a long run in the weekend. This week, it was 3 miles on Wednesday, 5 on Thursday and 3 on Friday followed by a “drop back” week of 7 miles on Sunday for my long run. To make things more difficult this week, on Tuesday I had learned of a friend of mine who had an accident, and by the end of the week he had been taken off of life support. When people die, it always makes you think about how precious life is, and when it is someone who dies far too young it really hits home. It was nice to be able to focus on running at times this week, as one of the things it allows you to do is just clear your mind. If you have any spare cash lying around, and wanted to give to charity, there is a go-fund me set up for Kenny. It was originally going to be to help his recovery, but money donated will still be for a good cause. Donate here :-

The other thing the fact an accident led to someone’s death does is make you think how easily it could happen. The other week, I was at a lake with friends, and as we are want to do we had a few drinks. With the drinks, goofing around happens and you never really know how close you come to a bad accident. The other thing that happened at the lake is that I got pretty badly sunburned. I’ve said on here plenty of times before, but I just can’t do sun and heat, and if I lived in Westeros I’d be happy that Winter was coming. I used factor 100 sun block, and whether I didn’t reapply, didn’t apply properly or just the sun was too strong, my shoulders and top of my back blistered a bit, and peeled. To my wife’s amusement, she joked that I had greyscale… where is Samwell Tarly when you need him? Anyway, that led me to not wanting to use my work gym, and therefore I ran at the apartment gym on Wednesday, and then outside on Thursday (yes in the heat).

While running on a treadmill has been what I’ve done in the past, I decided that the long Sunday runs should be outside so that I don’t hog a machine. On the first week I did this, which was a 9 mile run, I ran to the neighboring town (Rahway) which I knew would be around 4.5 miles each way. However, probably a mixture of the heat and the fact that I felt that I was choking on the tailpipe fumes of trucks, it wasn’t a comfortable route to take. For my 10 mile run the week after, I went to a local park and found that a lap is just under one mile. It is a 2.5mile run there and back, so you can do laps and half laps to get to the right distance as well as it being much nicer to run there. Also, I don’t know if it is just the treadmill at my apartment being wrongly set up, but I always find that much harder to run on than any other treadmill I have used. Therefore I had decided to go for a run outside on Thursday. Funnily, even although it was still warm I was able to beat my PB for any 5 mile run, and it felt good. The next day, I then ran my fastest 3 mile run on the treadmill at work. I suppose the fact I am getting a little faster is signs that things are working? My run today was also much faster than Sunday runs have been, although being a shorter run than previous that isn’t too much of a surprise. It will be interesting to see how I get on in the next few Sundays.

In the last few weeks we have also went back to using Blue Apron for food. Not only is it great for trying different food (I’m having Barramundi for the first time this week) but it is much healthier than my normal diet. Hopefully the healthier diet as well as when I stop drinking alcohol again during training will help get my minutes per mile down to something a bit more respectable lol. This week is going to be a bit tougher – I go from an 18 mile week to a 24mile week. The Sunday run is also going to be down in South Carolina, as  I am visiting my in-laws. My Step-daughter thinks I am joking when I say we are going for a 12 mile run, but I think that will be in a gym on a treadmill. No way I can do that in Southern heat.

I have to go and get ready for tonight’s Game of Thrones, so will leave you with that. Until next time, I’ll keep on running.



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