I’ll admit it. I can often be easily tempted into things. It’s how this whole marathon thing started right? Colleagues suggesting I should run the marathon and here I am preparing for it. The same happens in stores – I see a display, and I get tempted to buy whatever it is selling. Earlier this week, it was Bai drinks that caught my eye. For those that haven’t seen it, Bai is a range of antioxidant drinks that are obviously supposed to be healthy for you to drink. I got a few varieties as they were on sale, picking up 3 for me and 3 for my wife. I ended up drinking the Kula watermelon and Panama peach, as well as 1 1/2 cans of Jamaica blood orange. I thought the watermelon and peach was lightly flavoured water, almost water that has a funny taste so I wasn’t impressed. I did however enjoy the blood orange drink, which was sparkling so maybe will try more of those types.

While the Bai is probably healthy for you, my other “temptation” this week came from a facebook post that I had shared. It was talking about what strange things Brits do with bread (or toast to be specific). We love to eat beans on toast; something those of you that haven’t tasted the deliciousness of Heinz beans on toast are missing out on. Roll on a few days, after my long run this afternoon, I found myself eating some beans on toast. It wasn’t as good as it is back home, but I have to say it was satisfying to eat. Hopefully in future the temptations will be a bit healthier, can someone find a way to make Kale look tempting?

The final temptation that I’m happy to have given in to is back on TV tonight; Game of Thrones. I was three years late getting into the show, again having heard a lot about it; I thought that it would be entertaining. Boy was I wrong – no not that it wasn’t entertaining, but that it took so long to get into it in the first place. It may be one of the best TV shows ever made, although I suppose the cost of making it goes into that. I spent my time today writing this post, running, and re-watching last season to get into the mood for season 7 to start tonight. I have my Ommegang “Bend the Knee” beer ready, the Stark version of course as I am a Northerner too. I can’t wait to see who gets killed in the next 8 episodes, it has been too long since the season ended last year. Valar Morghulis.

As for this weeks running, one of my running colleagues mentioned that it is crazy the amount of miles I’ll run over the next few months, so I’m going to keep track. After 2 weeks, the number is up to 31, with three sets of 3 mile runs and a long 7 mile run today. While I will never claim that it is easy right now (I’m nowhere near that level of fitness still), I know that it is nothing compared to what is to come. In the past, I had always had Monday and Friday as “off days”, with my long runs on a Sunday. I wanted to keep that long run on a Sunday and therefore changed my off days to Tuesday and Saturday, with the short runs Wednesday to Friday, and Monday is my “cross training” day. I have no idea what to do on my cross training days that will help most, but decided to go with swimming this week. Having that on a Monday is also much better, as the pool at my apartment complex is usually quiet on a Monday evening. Having Saturday off is also the only day of the weekend that my wife is also not working so it is nice to be able to do things with her, and not spend hours of my day preparing for the marathon.

In the past I’ve discussed the charities I’ll be raising money for, and the final recipient is going to be Camden Youth Soccer Club. CYSC is a program I’ve been volunteering for since I lived in Camden NJ in 2009, and until recently was how my wife and I spent many a Saturday morning since. It’s a program for children from 4-14 that costs next to nothing, gets them out of their house and ¬†hopefully on a nice path going forward. It is also a way to teach the kids what I think is the best sport in the world. The problem with not charging people a lot is that it means you have no income to buy equipment and other supplies, so fundraising is an important part of running the club. With running taking up most of my time, we decided to stop helping out as often and I felt guilty, so to make myself feel better they are the 4th charity I’ll be running for. I’ll get a website up and running for the donations soon (if you wanted to donate), until then I’ll just keep on running.


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