Good morning/afternoon/evening dear reader.

In the few weeks since I last posted, I’ve went up to 9.5 and then 11 miles of running today in preparation for next week’s Brooklyn half marathon. To say today’s 11 miles was tough is an understatement. Last week, I felt really good after 9.5 miles that you wouldn’t think the extra 1.5 would make a difference, but even getting to the same distance as last week was tough. I am going to put that down to having a week of late nights, and therefore no grocery shopping, eating too late and when eating it wasn’t the best food in the world. Either that or going into double figures in distance is psychologically much tougher. Hopefully it isn’t the latter.

Overall I think my training for this half marathon has been much better than the Grete’s Great Gallop half marathon I ran last October. I finished that in 2hrs and 23 minutes, so hopefully this will be quicker. If anyone wants to follow – check this link and if it doesn’t bring you directly to me search for Barry Evans.

Another thing that I am now doing with the race being a week away is checking the weather. Right now, Saturday is due to go from a minimum of 56 to maximum of 72, with a 7.45am wave 2 start probably being around 60 degrees. With the route of the race taking you down to Coney Island, I’d also guess there will be a bit of a breeze? At least I am hoping for that.

If you have read my other posts, you’ll know that one of the things I have done for this half marathon is to stop drinking beer. As of the finish line, I won’t be not drinking any more, and will have the pleasure of having a nice cold beer. I’ve heard that the beer will taste great after the training “drought”, maybe even good enough for Budweiser to taste nice. Hopefully I will be testing this out with something better however and My Untappd app must be wondering what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks.

Come around 10am on Saturday, it should all be over for my first Brooklyn half, and my pain from today’s run (and any pain from the race itself). Hopefully, as I go forward in my training for the marathon I’ll forget about that pain. Speaking of forgetting things, on to the second of my charities I’ll be running in November for. Last post, I talked about Autism. This time, It’s all about Alzheimers research. As life expectancy increases, the prevalence of some diseases are going to increase. Alzheimers is one of those diseases that you hear a lot more about now. For those that don’t know, it’s a neurodegenerative disease where neurons in the cerebral cortex build up plaques, and basically die off. This causes confusion and eventually dementia, never a nice thing to have to live through.

In terms of my family, my grandmother had Alzheimers, and members of my wife’s family also died while suffering. After the fact, you can tell funny stories of things that happened during the time (ask my wife about her great grandmother and swords, or the world ending for example). However, when the disease is in full swing, and the sufferer can’t remember loved ones there can be nothing sadder. Not only do those loved ones get hurt by this, but the confusion and pain is something nobody really should go through.

The more we learn about the disease, the closer we may be to finding a cure. While there may well then be some other disease that comes up and takes the place of Alzheimers, hopefully it won’t be as horrible for everyone that is living with it and those that care for them. Therefore, if you have a favourite Alzheimers research charity, let me know.

Until next time, I’ll keep on running.


4 thoughts on “Double figure milage is tough!

  1. Ran 11 today too in prep for the BK Half on Saturday–also in wave 2! It’s a great race, hope you enjoy. Also, hope your training for November goes well, I will be running for the first time as well. Good luck!


      1. 11 felt good, I felt like I could have gone for a few more actually so that is always a good feeling! Ran the Williamsburg bridge with my hubs today and the downhill was a little brutal on my knees but otherwise the run went well. Funnily enough, mile 3 was tougher than mile 11! You will have so much fun on Saturday. It is a great race with so much energy–it’s my favorite!

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  2. I dont know if it is good mews or bad news, but my feeling so bad on Sundats run was actually the start of a sickness bug. Back feeling good and ready to go tomorrow though. See you out there maybe.


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