I encountered the first disappointment of running in 2017 this year. New York Road Runners have had a 10k race for the past few years in association with the New York Tartan week festivities, but didn’t do so this year. As a Scotsman, the chance to run in a race dedicated to your country was fantastic. In jest, I bought some “See You Jimmy” hats from Amazon, and some of my colleagues and I raced around Central park in them. It also is the only time I’ve ever had the pleasure of being asked to be in a photograph with a complete stranger.

The other enjoyable part of the race was the fact that they played Flower of Scotland before the start. For those that don’t know, Flower of Scotland is the national anthem of Scotland, and for me the best national anthem in the world (yes I know I am biased). I was finally able to sing along to my national anthem, which is even sweeter as back in 2010, I was denied that chance. As a Philadelphia Union season ticket holder, I had the opportunity to watch Scottish giants Celtic take part in a friendly against the Philadelphia Union. Before every game that includes an MLS team, the national anthem of the countries of every team participating in the game is played. Philadelphia obviously has the US anthem, when Manchester United played it was God save the Queen. For Celtic however, there was no anthem. To this day they are the only team who hasn’t had “their anthem” played when visiting and playing Philadelphia. Yes I’m still bitter about having the opportunity to sing my anthem taken away from me. Therefore getting to sing before racing was a bit special.

This year however, for whatever reason there was no Scotland run, and therefore I didn’t enter the 10k race that was just a regular race. The next race I am running in is the Brooklyn half marathon on the 20th May, so I have just started the same training schedule I used for the last half marathon I ran. I am actually glad to be back on a training schedule, as I now have no excuse to not go to the gym. It has been way too easy not to go – either it is too late, or not feeling well, or there’s other things I need to do. The other thing I am doing is not drinking any beer during the next 8 weeks now. Who said this was going to be easy….

Speaking of putting things off, I’m writing this while not cooking tonight’s dinner, a nice beef stir fry and rice. I suppose after the non-drinking and general training, having the correct diet will be needed. Help?

Until next time – I’ll just keep on Running.


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