Good morning/afternoon/evening all.

When you think of training for a marathon, obviously the first thing you think about is the training to run the 26.2 miles you have to cover. However, that’s only half the battle I feel I will have to face come November. I’ll also need to train myself to get over the bridges.

I am currently in the UK visiting family, and one of the funny things about the trip is how much my niece looks like my brother when she has a certain facial expression. It reminded me of my first trip to the US on holiday, and the look on my brothers face during a go-karting race. However, somewhere there is a video of myself on a jungle gym at Sea World. It was the first time I really realised that I am not someone who is going to be good at dealing with heights. In the time it took me to get through the “obstacle course”, another kid went through about three times.

Fast forward 24 years (wow I’m old) and I am preparing to run a NY marathon where I am going to have to run over some bridges. While some will be no problem at all, the very start of the race is running over the Verrazano-Narrows bridge which according to wikipedia stands 70 metres above the water. That is pretty high up, and may be a tougher obstacle for me to overcome than the distance I have to run. Therefore, to test if I will curl up in the fetal position on the bridge I took advantage of the invitation to have a leisurely walk over the Forth Road bridge in Scotland. While it is only 40 metres above the water, it should give an indication of how I will cope with getting out of Staten Island. The view from the middle of the bridge is also pretty amazing!!!


As well as almost enjoying the view, I also didn’t struggle too badly to walk over the bridge. It was also very windy, so I can probably cope with windy conditions too. I’m guessing the adrenaline of starting the race, along with the ability to stay as close to the middle of the bridge as possible will help me. Do any of you have any experience on getting over the bridge in previous marathons? I’d also love to hear from someone who like me doesn’t like heights.

In the end, I have now managed to run a half marathon, and walk over the Forth Road Bridge. Therefore I’m well on the way of psychologically knowing that I can finish the NY marathon. Maybe I’ll even be able to have a smile as wide as I did when I finished walking over the bridge for the second time!!!done

That’s it for now – back to enjoying my holiday. After I return home, I’ll have to really start preparing for the Brooklyn half marathon – and for those who know what Scottish cuisine is like, I’m probably far behind in my training.


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