It is a day the majority of Americans look forward to each year, Superbowl Sunday. Each year, two teams from cities around the country come together, play 60 minutes of football in between there are $10 million per minute advertisements to keep the non-football fans happy. Add in a half-time concert (usually very poorly done in terms of audio quality) and you can see why it is so popular.

However, if you are into healthy eating, and don’t like the Superbowl then it isn’t really a day for you. There will be millions of chicken wings eaten, along with chips, dip, beer and anything else that isn’t exactly good for you. Luckily for my own health, I’m not a big football fan at all, and usually just go along with my business like any other Sunday. Tonight for example, a delicious pot roast with potatoes will be eaten. That along with my new home-brew beer which was finally ready today, so maybe not all healthy.

To make up for the beer, earlier in the day I went to the gym and ran 5k on the treadmill. The next race I have signed up for so far is the Brooklyn 1/2 marathon which is in May, so a nice easy 5k was all I really had to do. While I say easy, as enjoyable as it made me feel afterwards I had tried to get to 4 miles, and didn’t have the energy for it. I’ll blame the hectic 2 weeks I have endured, which meant no running at all in that time. I know, that’s not a good excuse but that’s the only one I have. Having a beer with a colleague who was visiting was just more important. Oops.

The reason that I wanted to run 4 miles was that today is the day of the New York Road Runners Gridiron 4 mile race in Central Park that I didn’t enter. I did enter last year however, and it was a fun race. As well as the opportunity to run 4 miles around Central Park, you have the opportunity to take part on the “Longest throw” competition. Everyone has the chance to throw an NFL football and there is a prize for the longest throw. As a Brit who would try and throw it rugby style, I avoided embarrassment and gave that a miss. Speaking of rugby however, as a Scotsman I have to gloat about Scotland’s great win against Ireland in the rugby Six Nations tournament on Saturday. It’s not often I get to gloat about Scottish sporting excellence (other than Andy Murray), so I have to get the gloating done when I can.

The other thing that you can do during the race is that when you reach the 2 mile mark, you run through a gate that shows who you think will win, or want to win the Superbowl later that night. Last year, to avoid being glared at by my step-daughter Dawn, I chose the Carolina Panthers. As you well know, I was probably a jinx to the team and they were easily beaten. Interestingly, the 5000+ runners that day chose correctly and predicted a win for Detroit. If you want to put a bet on this years Superbowl based on the result of the runners choices – then they predicted a great end to the night for the Atlanta Falcons. I suppose I could claim that by not taking part in the race this year, I am making sure that I am not to blame for one side being beaten.

Anyway, the Superbowl started, and I need to finish cooking dinner and get back to watching Sleepy Hollow and some other TV shows I have on the DVR. I hope those of you who are interested enjoy your day, and that you don’t turn up to work too hungover.



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