Hello readers, I hope you are having a great day.

As the weeks and months go by until the marathon in November, I will probably write these as stories become relevant. Today’s theme is the weather, and how it has helped and hindered me in the past. As some of you may know, we had a Nor’easter hit the NY area on Monday night. Ironically, it was on the same day as the huge snowstorm hit last year. In one day, near record snowfall hit NY, over 2 feet of snow fell in Central Park. In terms of running, that Saturday was scheduled to be the day of the Fred Lebow half marathon. Obviously the race was canceled, which was good for me as I had signed up to volunteer for the race, and I still got the credit for volunteering. I would now bet I had the equal easiest volunteering effort out of anyone running the NY marathon this year. While the cancellation was good for me in that I didn’t have to volunteer, it was even better for those that signed up to run. They still got credit for running the half marathon, which would have helped with qualifying for both the marathon and NYC half marathon. Sometimes the weather can be a help although I suppose I still owe New York road runners. At some point this year, I’ll look to volunteer and make up for not doing so last year. I’ll just wait until the weather is a bit warmer.

Of course the weather isn’t always a good thing. Back in 2012, the entire north east USA was hit by Hurricane Sandy. That year, the NY Marathon ended up being canceled. While I’m sure everyone got entry into the next year (or their money back), I don’t know if I would be happy seeing a race that I would have prepared for during the prior two years being canceled (one year to qualify, one to train). While at times there is nothing you can do to prevent it, going through the training again may be difficult – did anyone go through this back in 2012? How did you feel?

Back to Monday’s Nor’easter. Lots of rain and wind hit the area, and it caused mayhem with public transport. Those that follow me on twitter know my feelings towards the train system I have to take to work every day. In fact, by the time April comes along I’ll be changing to using the bus every day. On Tuesday, a local electric company had their power line break in the wind, and it fell onto the train tracks at Linden NJ. NJ transit informed us of this early in the afternoon, but it was then apparently fixed by the time rush hour came along. My wife and I had dinner in the city, and then took a later train to allow the pandemonium die down. We got on a train, and the usual 29 minute journey took 3 hours and 30 minutes to get home. I finally got home at midnight, however I never recovered all of the sleep I needed during the rest of the week, and ended up not getting anywhere near enough gym time in. It’s therefore not only the actual races that can be affected by the weather but preparation too.

That’s it for today, feel free to leave your own weather related stories. I Will be back next weekend (hopefully) while I try to avoid jinxing the superbowl again. Until then, I’ll see you in the gym…. or not if the weather stalls me.


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